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A social media app that puts a focus on disappearing photos and videos

Snap Inc - March 5, 2019
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Snapchat has quickly become one of the biggest social media apps in the world, but what makes it such a snap? From our experience, it proves to be a convenient way to quickly share moments and information with friends, without the need to type long messages.

Whilst there is a chat function in Snapchat, the majority of usage time on the app is spent sending photos and short videos to and from those on your friends list. When you send a photo or a video, the other user can view it, but it will then be deleted forever. It sounds odd, but it's a great way for users to send quick snaps without worrying about cluttering up the gallery or filling up devices storage.

Another great feature is Snapchat Stories. With this feature, users can create photos and videos to add to their story throughout the day. These will remain on their Snapchat for all of their friends to see for up to 24 hours. The next day, a new story can be created.

Popular social media influencers and celebrities also use Snapchat Stories feature to reach out and connect with their fans. So, Snapchat has some use even if you're not interested in connecting with your friends on the platform.

Another greatly admired feature is the variety of filters that come with using the selfie camera whilst operating the app. These filters can morph your face or add strange effects and it can be a great way to lighten up an otherwise boring selfie pic that can be sent to your friends.

• A great photo and video focused social media app
• Disappearing photos and videos mean your gallery never gets cluttered and storage filled
• A way to connect with celebrities
• Photos can still be screenshotted by other users


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